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Netlink Global has broad experiences working with small and medium size businesses in different industries. We are more focused in offering a comprehensive business IT solution and Technical support by assisting you with planning, implementation, maintenance and support. We offer regular maintenance service plans for hourly, monthly and yearly, this scheduled proactive maintenance service allows us to monitor your system and server closely to preventĀ  any risk away from your system with additional of our in-house IT support.

Server Rack Installation

We are specialized in assembling Dell and HP Server Rack installation.

Network Device Installation

We are specialized in the installation of Router, Switches, Hub, ADSL and Wi-Fi devices.

Server Installation Support, Setup, Maintenance and Migration

We assure a successful server mounted on server rack, Setup and migration by supplying a comprehensive plan to minimize any disruption of your business.

Desktop and Printer Support

Our service will assist you in all your PC hardware, Networked Printer and software support requirements.

Data Backup Solutions

We install backup devices and configuration. We provide data backup solutions which suit your business the best and we will ensure the backup is functioning properly as scheduled.

Onsite Maintenance and Support

We have different computer maintenance service plans to meet your IT needs and we ensure your IT system is regularly health checked and monitored to avoid any risk and damage to your systems.