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Software Repair

Common possible software upgrades for your computer, desktop, tower pc can include:

PC Windows Upgrade

Many computers still being used by people are running Windows XP or Windows Vista. Whilst both these versions of Windows are acceptable for many home users, there is many benefits of upgrading to Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system.

In many cases, customers have found that the their pc will run faster with the new windows as it utilize the resources better. We can advise you if you upgrade your Windows operating system, if your computer specification meets the minimum system requirements to run Windows and if not, the hardware upgrade costs (if any) required to meet the minimum system requirements. We can also help with backing up all your data and emails, loading the new operating system with full drivers and windows update and then putting back your full data and email within the new operating system. Basically we help with everything from start to finish.

PC Antivirus Upgrade

Many people unknowingly use low quality antivirus software which doesn’t fully protect your PC. Main reasons for this is that it is a free download, such antivirus programs are AVG. This can lead to your computer getting infected and then more cost involved in removing the infection. We can advise on the best antivirus for you to use, which is at a reasonable price. Alternatively, some people have descent antivirus software installed, however it is due to expired. We can help install or upgrade the current version to a more up to date version.

PC Microsoft Office Upgrade

Many new PCs brought from retail outlets are normally shipped with a 30 day starter version of Microsoft Office. Or a lot of people are still running old versions Microsoft Office like 2000, 2003, 2007 etc – the problem is that when someone emails you a word or excel file – you are not able to open it as you have the old version. It’s not just that, but there has been a lot of improvements in the new versions of Office and therefore there is merit for upgrading to the latest version. We have skilled IT staff and can help you upgrade your version of Office by correctly uninstalling the old version and installing the new version and making sure all of your old documents still work with the new version.