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Hardware Repair

Common possible hardware upgrades for your computer, desktop, tower pc can include:

PC Memory upgrade

Most retail computers are only supplied with up to 3GB memory which in most cases if the computer is purchased at a competitive price it is supplied with the minimum required amount of memory to run the windows version that the computer was shipped with. This means, that the computer may run sluggish as Windows utilizes most of the available memory. By upgrading the memory size up to maximum of 8GB (depending on what your computer supports and operating system supports) you will notice your machine will speed up and a more responsive. In some cases, if you are trying to CAD or video editing you will require a larger size of memory to successfully run these type of software applications. Whatever the reason why you are upgrading your computer memory, we have trained technicians to identify the reason for your upgrade and recommend the amount of memory you need to upgrade to whilst bearing in mind what your computer can support. Our friendly staff can help you source and install the new memory normally within a while you wait service.

PC Hard Disk upgrade

This is an extremely common upgrade, as many people store their music, videos, pictures, films and files on their computer, space can start to run out extremely quickly. Depending on the age of your computer you may have between a 80GB to 300GB hdd. We can easily install a new hard disk with up to 2000GB (2TB) drive as a secondary drive internally, or we can clone your existing hard disk to the larger disk so that you end up with a larger disk overall. This transfers the whole of your operating system (windows) and all of your music, pictures, videos, films, software programs, work files and emails. Alternatively you can just purchase an external hard disk drive. If you are unclear about any option, you can discuss this with our technical staff, however this is not a while you wait service – this is in most cases a 24 hour service.

PC Processor upgrade

Some users will wish to upgrade the processor in their machine. Our trained technicians can identify for you the processors that your motherboard and computer case can support and will recommend if it is better to upgrade the processor or if it is not a feasible upgrade and suggest that it would be cheaper to invest in a new computer.

PC Graphics upgrade

Many computers use onboard graphics which in many cases is not a very powerful video card. If you are looking to do anything like gaming, video editing or any other graphics work which demands more powerful rendering video card, our in-house experts can advise you on what your computer supports and can supply and fit the video card fairly quickly.

PC Motherboard upgrade

Depending on the reason for why you are upgrading your motherboard, in some cases your computer’s case may not support a different motherboard. In some cases you will find that by upgrading the board with a newer motherboard, it may use newer generation components like newer Memory, Processor, Drive connections which your old computers older generation components may not support. Our in-house experts can advise you if this is possible and help you supply and fit the correct motherboard.

PC Power Supply upgrade

As you upgrade you computer, you may require a higher wattage power supply to be able to supply power to the additional components installed. We can advise the price breaks for each power supply unit and alert you if you have a proprietary power supply unit or if it is standard power supply unit. Our trained staff can carry out the upgrade with a same day turnaround (providing the power supply unit is in stock).

PC Optical Drive (CD, DVD or CDRW drive) upgrade

Some older computers are supplied with just a CD or DVD drive. It is common for users to want to backup their pictures, videos, music or data files to CD or DVD and play DVDs on their computer. Our skilled staff can supply inexpensively and fit a DVDRW drive while you wait. A DVDRW will allow you to read and write CDs, DVDs (most formats).

PC USB 3.0 Port upgrade

Depending on how old your PC is, you may have old versions of USB ports for example USB 1.0, USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 – faster speed hardware is available, so to run this hardware at the optimal speed / speed it has been designed for you may need to upgrade your USB ports. It could be that you just need additional USB ports as you don’t have enough USB ports built in to the computer. Whatever the reason for you upgrading your USB ports, we have skilled IT technicians who can supply and fit USB expansion cards in a while you wait service.

PC Firewire upgrade

Most computers are not shipped with firewire cards aka IEEE 1394 interface as standard. Many people require firewire for high definition audio and video – using such devices like Apple IPOD with their PC. We can source and install while you wait a new firewire expansion card into your pc. Call us today to enquire.

PC Serial Port upgrade

For years now, since the USB has become a mainstream interface, it has has replaced serial ports (COM port) and consequently manufacturers no longer manufacture computers with serial ports. However, a lot of technical diagnostics and servicing hardware and software require serial ports. There are two methods available, one is to have a serial port expansion card, or the other option is to have a usb to serial cable. We can look at your computer specification and advise you on which is the best option for your software and in some cases test that your hardware / software will run with the new serial port upgrade.

PC Case ventilation & Fan upgrade

If you are installing several drives and high powered video cards into your computer, you may require more ventilation (additional fans) to compensate for the extra heat created by the additional hardware installed in your case. Additional ventilation can include chassis fans (fix to the case) or you can have VGA and CPU heat sink and fans. We stock all whole variety of fans and heat sinks and all can be fitted in a while you wait service.

PC Case upgrades

Some manufactures build their computers in small size (micro ATX) cases for a compact design but this means that it may not allow for any additional hardware to be fitted when it comes to upgrading your computer. We can supply taller (full size ATX cases) as well as super size cases or cases with LED running lights cases with digital displays. Whatever your preference, we can help you select the right case for you from the available selection we have. Call us today to speak to one of our friendly staff for some free advice.

PC All in 1 Multi Card Reader upgrade

There are many standards of memory cards and therefore it is best to get al all in 1 Card reader which will support all common sizes of memory cards. You can get an internal all in 1 card reader which you can have fitted into your computer or a USB memory card readers which don’t require installing as they are plug and play.  What ever option you require, both are installable within a while you wait service.